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Children's and Adult's Tee Shirts
Show off your muscles in this "buff" Buffo tee-shirt.
$12 - Children's Sizes

$15 - Adult Sizes

Children's and Adult's Sweat Shirts
Keep your muscles warm with this heavy weight Buffo sweatshirt.
$25 - Children's Sizes

$30 - Adult Sizes

Buffo Flame Hat
One size fits all adjustable Buffo flame hat with embroidered logo.

Tote Bag
Put all your Buffo souvenirs, school books, lap top, gym clothes, etc. in this 18 by 18 1/2 inch 10 ounce canvas tote with raised red print!

Buffo Look-Alike Wig
Synthetic hair with rubber skull cap.

Buffo Nose
Win by a nose with this 2" spongeball nose.

Collectable Buffo Cards
Buy one or save and buy all 23 cards and learn the Buffo theme songs, jokes, trivia and tips!
$1 each
$20 for the set

Buffo Tattoo
Wear these 2 inch Buffo tattoos on your arms - it makes them look bigger!

Buffo Button
You should wear this 2 1/4 inch button pin everywhere you go - it's good for advertising!

Buffo Sticker
It's a sticker, not a stinker!
$1 for 2 Stickers

Phone Book
Call me... I'm in the book! Get your very own 2020 page phonebook (including cover!) torn in half and autographed by Buffo.

Autographed Buffo Bicep Picture
8 1/2" x 11" full color autographed picture of Buffo, the all American clown!

Autographed Buffo Ripping Phone Book Picture
8 1/2" x 11" full color autographed picture of Buffo in the act of proving he is The World's Strongest Clown!.

Autographed Buffo and Jack Picture
8 1/2" by 11" full color picture, autographed by Buffo and Jack the Wonderdog!

Buffo's Promo CD
Have a computer? Just point and click to see highlights of your favorite Buffo shows. Requires Microsoft Windows 98 or higher.

Buffo's Promo Video
Can't get to Buffo's next performance? Watch 30 minutes of Buffo antics on your VCR - fun for the entire family!