"On behalf of President and Mrs. Bush, thank you for your participation in the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The children who attended this historic event carried away many special memories of a delightful day. We sincerely appreciate your role in making these memories possible."

Debra Romash Dunn
Visitor's Office - The White House

Unlikely Hero

Heroes come in every shape and size
Some are big, some are small
Some are short, some are tall
My hero is a clown
But, not just any clown
Heís Buffo, the Strongest Clown.

Why make your hero a clown, you ask
They just make goofy faces and wear silly masks
But, my Buffo is a clown of much class
Bringing joy to children is his diligent task.

Buffo was once on a big team
Hitting the ball was his childhood dream
Then one night, the stars faded out
And Buffo had nothing to smile about. 

Then, a tiny voice inside
Whispered, Children are where your future lies
So, he put on a smile, expanded his mind
And taught in a school for the deaf and blind. 

He found he could reach them by doing some tricks
Dancing around and walking on sticks
It didnít talk long till all were aware
Buffo was at our country fair. 

I watched in amazement as he worked the crowd
Picking on others was not allowed
Each child is special and everyone wins
If you donít like children, you donít fit in. 

As the sun sets on the Allen County Fair
I know that Buffo soon wonít be there
As I walk through the gate, Iíll wear not a frown

Iíll remember the good times with Buffo the Clown.

Poem written by Crystal Dunson for Buffo, the World's Strongest Clown
August 23, 2002

"Buffo the World's Strongest Clown is one of our most popular stage attractions.  In addition to being the World's Strongest Clown, and quite possibly the funniest, Buffo is the hardest working performer we have had the pleasure of hosting.  He performs five different shows per day and strolls the grounds using a variety of props in between shows."

Jay Begg
Allen County Fair Manager

"It is not often that entertainers booked for our Community Stage exceed our expectations, but such was the case with your performances.  Your showmanship, quick wit, attnetion to detail and safety concerns made your shows a truly unique offering for our fairgoers.

Buffo, it was a pleasure to have you at our Fair and it was fun to work with you.  I've already spoken with our entertainment committee, they and I would like to ask you to please come back to our 2002 Fair.  It would epitomize the words 'back by popular demand'!"

Donna M. Cupinski
Chairman, Luzerne County Fair

"The objective of a clown is to make people happy.  Buffo the Clown did a remarkable job of entertaining guests at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Buffo is an exciting, energetic act, and I would highly recommend him for any fair crowd."

Frederick T. Trump
President - Bloomsburg Fair Association

"Buffo The World's Strongest Clown is one of the hardest working entertainers on the fair circuit. He works the audience throughout the entire day. He is cooperative, energetic, extremely funny and needless to say, very strong!"

Chuck Pirone
Entertainment Chair, Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair

"I would just like to say you are a true credit to your profession. I would also like to add that I would recommend Buffo to a fair, or any other organization for a definite laugh. He is 100% entertainment.

Jason J. McCracken
Litz Stage Director
Clearfield County Fair

"Buffo is the greatest!  Thanks for wowing our audiences."

Maranne P. Welch
Executive Director Ė Pittsburgh Childrenís Festival