"You have a special talent for putting smiles on the faces of young and old.  How wonderful that you decided to share it!"

Connie Orient

"You were outstanding!  You have a great feel for your audience and unbelievably – you were able to hold those kids for an hour!"

Debra Fox

"Once again, you were the “hit” of the party.  You made our little girl's party a success!"

Diane, Paul, Anthony and Julie Catania

"There may be a debate if you are the World’s Strongest Clown (not from us) but you get our vote for putting on the greatest show on earth!"


"You must love kids very much to do what you’re doing.  You’re a very special person!"

Donna Taper

"Joshua’s friends haven’t stopped talking about Buffo and the birthday party last Saturday – already, they’re asking about next year’s celebration!"

Fay and Larry