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Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina
Mountain climber Bob Cenk, owner of Mountain Dreams International, at the top of Aconcagua, Argentina -- 23,000 ft!
Roy and Tonda Brunner celebrate their 25th anniversary in Bermuda with 'Buffo'
Second generation Buffo Buddies! Shanna (daughter of Roy and Tonda Brunner) and her new husband Jamie show off their Buffo tee shirts while honeymooning in Aruba
Daytona Beach, Florida
Buffo's biggest fan, Moriah, models her Buffo shirt in Daytona Beach
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa
Mountain Guides Bob Cenk and Dean Huminsky from Mountain Dreams International on the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa 19,340 feet.
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Buffo's friend and talented young actress, Deanna Foltz, models her Buffo shirt while on a recent visit to Hershey, PA.  
Cairo, Egypt
Elaine and Larry Banner in front of the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.
Athens, Greece
Elaine and Larry Banner sport their Buffo shirt on the steps of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
Hangzhou, China
Larry Banner representing Buffo at a Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou, Peoples Republic of China.
Madras, India
Larry Banner introducing buffo to the dock workers of Madras, India.
Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Banner striking the Buffo pose in front of St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow, Russia's Red Square.
Tulum, Mexico
Buffo's web site guru, Stephen May of Crescent Leaf Technologies, shows off his best side while visiting Mexico.
Inishmor, Ireland
Dana, Buffo's Dance Director, visiting Inishmor, Ireland, in her Buffo shirt!
Buffo's Buddy Siobahn returns home to Holland in her Buffo shirt
Cancun, Mexico
Dan Grejda Sporting his Buffo Tee in Cancun!
Regina Visits Amsterdam in her Buffo Shirt!
Panama Canal
Ballroom dancers Chuck, Anita, Pat and Lou dazzled their shipmates as they samba'd their way to the Panama Canal in their Buffo shirts and noses!
Puerto Vallarta
The Dancing Buddies Hit the High Seas Again!
The Gang at Sema in California gets "buffo-ed" again!
St. Augustine, Florida
Buffo's dancing friend, Gail Lager, looks for the fountain of youth in St. Augustine, FL
St. Augustine, Florida
Gail's mother, Grace Shirer, looks like she has already found the Fountain of Youth!
Waldo the One Man Band and his lovely wife Louise show off their biceps and Buffo shirts in Alaska
Sandusky County Fair, Ohio
Where's your shirt been?? In the holding cell!
St. Thomas
Lou Prepares to Tango his way to St. Thomas in his Buffo Shirt!
Camp Anaconda, Iraq
CPT. Brian Stone in his Buffo shirt!
Bob and Diane Spelman join Lou in Beautiful Antigua!
Tony Karalis models his Buffo shirt and nose in Barbados
Julie Karalis shows she is the best dressed visitor to Harrison's Cave in Barbados
Cusco, Peru
Mary Puppo traveled to Cusco, Peru, in her Buffo t-shirt!
Avignon, France
Chuck and Barb Stone celebrate Chucks's birthday in Avignon, France

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